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Horror Double Bill at the Breakfast Club

11 04.14

One for your filofaxes (or iPhones, if you want to be all modern and everything):

DON’T LET HIM IN’s Kelly Smith (co-writer/director/producer) and Mike Mindel (producer) will be joined by Jennifer Handorf, producer of THE BORDERLANDS, on a panel discussing the tricky realities of making and selling low-budget horror films in the current climate.

They’ll be giving you the straight dope on financing, completing, selling and marketing a UK horror film. If you’re contemplating producing or investing in one, do not miss this!

Moderated by guerrilla filmmaking guru Chris Jones via his Breakfast Club event, this is a one-off chance to network and get the nitty-gritty, all whilst scarfing down a full English in the West End’s swanky Phoenix Artists Club.

The event will take place from 9am to 10.30am on Monday April 14th. Book your ticket here:

See you there!

The SOMETHING’S WRONG crowd funding campaign has launched!

02 11.13

It’s the Halloween season, so what better time to launch the crowd funding campaign for our new web series SOMETHING’S WRONG?

We’re seeking to raise the backing to produce six unsettling 30 minute episodes, which will be viewable online for FREE starting in January 2014. The first episode, written and directed by DON’T LET HIM IN co-writer Chris Andrews, is a disturbing descent into psychological dread entitled ‘IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?’

Starring Tommy Bastow (EXORCISMUS, ANGUS, THONGS AND PERFECT SNOGGING) and Lucy-Jane Quinlan (WEAVERFISH), the story concerns a lonely office worker who becomes obsessed with a beautiful commuter he gazes at each evening, leading to disturbing results…

To get involved with this extremely enticing new venture, check out the crowd funding campaign here:

And keep up to date with the latest breaking news via our Facebook and Twitter portals:


We’re offering a a smorgasbord of rewards, ranging from signed scripts, posters and DVDs to Associate and Executive Producer credits on the show… and for our top reward, one night in a ‘genuine’ haunted house with us!

Anything you could donate to help make this twisted vision a reality would be massively appreciated. We have big ambitions for this series, and with your help we aim to give viewers worldwide a slew of sleepless nights, as the distressing realization sinks in that… SOMETHING’S WRONG!

The creators of DON’T LET HIM IN announce their disturbing new project: SOMETHING’S WRONG!

02 09.13

The creators of DON’T LET HIM IN, producer-director Kelly Smith and his screenwriting partner Chris Andrews, have announced their new project: a horror-thriller anthology series to be distributed online entitled SOMETHING’S WRONG.

From the release: “SOMETHING’S WRONG is a series of six unsettling stories that will nestle deep in your cranial fear-centres. The series is a contemporary spin on the classic TV anthology shows of yesteryear, such as THE TWILIGHT ZONE and TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED. Each episode will materialise online on the 13th of each month, presented absolutely FREE.”

Kelly and Chris will co-produce and share writing and directing duties on the series, which will embrace a variety of dark subgenres, from the psychological thriller to neo-noir to supernatural horror.

“We felt that a generation had missed out on something really cool: the anthology horror/thriller show,” Kelly explains. “So we’ve decided to bring it back, updated for the 21st century. Each episode will be a 30 minute tale of the unsettling and the bizarre, featuring a range of contemporary genre actors.”

“This was an awesome experience,” Chris elaborates. “You’d tune in to these shows each week and you never knew where they were going to take you. All you knew was that they were guaranteed to give you sleepless nights. So we’re determined to do the same for a whole new generation.”

A crowd funding campaign is currently being prepared to help finance the series. Watch this space for further news and details on how you can help bring this disturbing new vision into our reality – and check out the official SOMETHING’S WRONG Facebook page here:

SOMETHING’S WRONG… sleepless nights heading your way soon!

DON’T LET HIM IN is screening on the Horror Channel!

20 04.13

Yep, it’s happening – the Horror Channel, the world’s number one station devoted to all things dark and disturbing, is giving DON’T LET HIM IN its UK TV premiere.

Our relentless descent into psychological dread will receive its debut on Saturday 20th April at 22.35. For details of further screenings, check out the Horror Channel’s official website:

To celebrate the event, Aled Jones at the ultra-cool Cult Film Forum has conducted a new interview with director Kelly Smith. Check it out here:

So spread the word – this April, the Tree Surgeon will be beaming into your homes…

DON’T LET HIM IN is officially unleashed on the UK!

01 11.12

Well, it’s Halloween, evil spirits roam the land… and the Tree Surgeon has finally been unleashed in the UK!

DON’T LET HIM IN, our cult psycho chiller, finally hit the shelves on Oct 29, and is spreading its uniquely disturbing brand of mayhem across the country. It’s been a wild – and occasionally nerve-wracking – ride bringing the movie to completion, but we’re proud of our maladjusted offspring and its appetite for blood-soaked carnage.

Amongst the new wave of UK reviews, Starburst said: ‘There’s plenty of gore and … well-handled scares … An assured and entertaining debut.’

Read the whole review here:

You can find the DVD in HMV, Fopp, Asda, and all quality retailers, order it online via Amazon, Tesco, Sainsburys and the like, rent it from Lovefilm or view it on demand from Virgin Media.

And look out for more updates, features and news of further projects here and on the DON’T LET HIM IN Facebook page!


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