What if you invited a serial killer on holiday?


DON’T LET HIM IN is screening on the Horror Channel!

20 04.13

Yep, it’s happening – the Horror Channel, the world’s number one station devoted to all things dark and disturbing, is giving DON’T LET HIM IN its UK TV premiere.

Our relentless descent into psychological dread will receive its debut on Saturday 20th April at 22.35. For details of further screenings, check out the Horror Channel’s official website:

To celebrate the event, Aled Jones at the ultra-cool Cult Film Forum has conducted a new interview with director Kelly Smith. Check it out here:

So spread the word – this April, the Tree Surgeon will be beaming into your homes…

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Leigh Manning 00:22:16, 21/04/13

Just finished watching it and I found it a really good British horror flick. Ending giving me a jump and surprise at the plot twist. ***** 5 stars

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