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Shocking news (with an awesome twist!)

20 08.11

Film making. It’s a funny old business.

There we were, quietly going about selling the movie in various worldwide territories… when all of a sudden – KA-BLAM! Don’t Let Him In is released on DVD in the Netherlands and the very next day, it’s been torrented (pirated)… all over the world… for free!

Devastating news…

…or so we thought.

The sad truth is that this is the reality of the film business now, and there’s nada we can do about it. Except to suggest you hold off for the high-quality Blu-Ray and DVD release of the movie rather than download a crummy-looking, pixelated version.

So what’s the happy twist?

I happened to take a look at IMDB’s MovieMeter this morning and I’m staggered… we’re currently the #9th most popular horror movie… IN THE WORLD!

Go and check it for yourself:

IMDb: Genre: Horror (Don't Let Him In)


To quote my esteemed colleague and director of said horror movie, Mr. Kelly Smith:


What does this mean? I honestly don’t know.

What is happening is that more and more people are liking our Facebook page:

And we’re starting to get a lot more enquiries about the release dates of the OFFICIAL DVD/BLU-RAY.   For serious horror fans, curious about what Turner Classic Movies’ Mark Banville calls “a great British horror film … which beats most direct-to-DVD horror fodder hands down” (sorry, went all marketing speak there), we hope you’ll buy the original DVD. That way you’ll get the stylish original packaging, audio commentary, behind the scenes featurette and other cool stuff.

The movie will next be released in France, US, Canada, Australia and Greece over Aug – Dec 2011 with a launch in the UK looking like early 2012.

We’ll let you know more when we know more…

Mike Mindel

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cyndy smith 20:15:17, 20/08/11

I was lucky enough to see the guest screening of ” DON’T LET HIM IN ” and I really
hope people who are proper horror fans will buy the DVD when released in the U.k.
I certainly will , can’t wait , I thoroughly enjoyed all the twist and turns and the heart
thumping moments that made me jump out of my seat , GREAT ! .
GOOD LUCK to the Director KELLY SMITH AND Producer MIKE MENDEL and I hope you
are greatly rewarded for the making of this film and continue with more please .

Ash 17:05:06, 21/08/11

It seems to be the way of the world at the moment, but like you said, if you have a good product/movie that people enjoy then they’re going to want to own it on it’s official release! Kudos to you all!

Pro-Reviewer 11:37:06, 27/08/11

The ‘torrenting’ should work in the film’s favour as the advantage of by being shot on Super 16 film can only be fully appreciated by acquisition of the OFFICIAL DVD.

Trever Gregg. 14:31:24, 30/09/11

I’m just wondering when the UK dvd release date is? The film’s not being shown in any local cinemas so the dvd is my only chance of seeing it, and with all the buzz I’m quite keen on seeing it soon!

mikemindel 14:44:26, 30/09/11

UK release should be Q2 2012 now. So early next year. It has been released in France under the title Sulfures though if you want to order via Amazon now.

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