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The creators of DON’T LET HIM IN announce their disturbing new project: SOMETHING’S WRONG!

02 09.13

The creators of DON’T LET HIM IN, producer-director Kelly Smith and his screenwriting partner Chris Andrews, have announced their new project: a horror-thriller anthology series to be distributed online entitled SOMETHING’S WRONG.

From the release: “SOMETHING’S WRONG is a series of six unsettling stories that will nestle deep in your cranial fear-centres. The series is a contemporary spin on the classic TV anthology shows of yesteryear, such as THE TWILIGHT ZONE and TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED. Each episode will materialise online on the 13th of each month, presented absolutely FREE.”

Kelly and Chris will co-produce and share writing and directing duties on the series, which will embrace a variety of dark subgenres, from the psychological thriller to neo-noir to supernatural horror.

“We felt that a generation had missed out on something really cool: the anthology horror/thriller show,” Kelly explains. “So we’ve decided to bring it back, updated for the 21st century. Each episode will be a 30 minute tale of the unsettling and the bizarre, featuring a range of contemporary genre actors.”

“This was an awesome experience,” Chris elaborates. “You’d tune in to these shows each week and you never knew where they were going to take you. All you knew was that they were guaranteed to give you sleepless nights. So we’re determined to do the same for a whole new generation.”

A crowd funding campaign is currently being prepared to help finance the series. Watch this space for further news and details on how you can help bring this disturbing new vision into our reality – and check out the official SOMETHING’S WRONG Facebook page here:

SOMETHING’S WRONG… sleepless nights heading your way soon!

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kellysmith - Kelly Smith is a London-based director, producer and screenwriter. In addition to co-writing and directing his debut feature DON'T LET HIM IN, he co-wrote (with director Julien Magnat) the 2011 psychological thriller FACES IN THE CROWD, starring Milla Jovovich. He is currently developing a number of features and is producing and directing (with Chris Andrews) a new anthology web series entitled SOMETHING'S WRONG.

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